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Gun Trusts

Based on an initial client consultation, Resch and Root, LLC will provide options on which method of NFA firearm registration of ownership will work best for your situation.

Gun Trusts can be set up to be very flexible. Most are established as a revocable trust, which means it can be changed by the grantor during his or her life. With a revocable trust, the grantor may add or subtract individuals or weapons to and from the trust as necessary. Another advantage is that a trust allows the grantor to legally bypass many ATF application requirements. Fingerprints, photographs, and CLEO signature are not required. Not only can this speed up the process, but you do NOT need to provide the government with this information.

Sometimes people will ask about setting up a corporation as the registered owner. Trusts are generally private and do not require public filing (this may not be the case in every state so you should check with a local attorney on this). Corporations are public, do require filing, and also require annual maintenance fees and taxes. For these reasons, setting up a Gun Trust is the way to go.

Gun ownership is an important decision. It is important that guns and weapons are stored and used safely. Let us help you own, share, and transfer them safely.

We will prepare an NFA Gun Trust and all necessary supporting documentation which will make your ownership, possession, and utilization of your NFA items compliant with Federal laws and regulations.

Receive Gun Trust in Mail

If you would like receive your completed Gun Trust in the mail, please click here to download and fill out the Gun Trust worksheet.

Resch and Root, LLC requires two installments of $250.00 (the first installment due with the submission of this form; the second installment is due at the time of the delivery).

Please mail your completed form and first installment to:

Attention: David Resch
5100 Bradenton Avenue, Suite C
Dublin, Ohio 43017

Please make your check payable to Resch and Root, LLC. If you require us to ship your completed Gun Trust, an additional shipping charge will apply.

Contact us at 614.760.1801 for questions or to schedule a consultation or visit our gun trust website for additional information on our Gun Trusts.

To discuss your specific needs, call 614.760.1801.